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Keeping Your Employees Charged & Ready

Energize Your Workplace

Providing employees electric car charging stations at your workplace comes with unique considerations. You’ll want to evaluate your site’s equipment needs, estimate your purchase and installation costs, and create policies for employees use. Use this page to learn more, and then call us. We’ll guide you through the steps to getting your employees plugged in.

Woman charging her electric vehicle at her work place

Workplace Charging Policies

Establish a policy for employee use of electric car charging stations. You may want to include the building owner and manager, facilities officials, human resources, and legal counsel. First, decide whether you’ll offer charging to employees at no cost, or whether you’ll develop a cost-recovery mechanism. If you decide to make charging complimentary, talk to your tax advisor—it may be considered a reportable employee benefit.

Equipment installer inspecting an electric vehicle charger

Equipment & Installation

Ready to start planning? A good way to estimate how many charging stations to install is by surveying your employees to assess interest. Then, evaluate your parking lot or structure. Charging stations should be installed as close to existing electrical infrastructure as possible to simplify installation and help minimize your costs. Since electric cars are gaining popularity, you may want to plan ahead as you upgrade infrastructure now, for ease of additional installation later.

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Take Charge of Costs

Before you install, call us for a customized rate analysis to help you maximize efficiency and plan for energy use and costs. If you’re enrolled in any Demand Response programs, your account representative can also review any requirements and what steps you can take to continue to meet them. If possible, limit charging station use to off-peak times when demand and rates are lower—this will help you avoid overcharging your bottom line.

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