How to Submit a Claim to SCE

If you have suffered a loss or damage due to recent service interruption, and believe we may be responsible, you may submit a claim. How to submit your claim >

We investigate and evaluate each claim individually, and our policy is to respond promptly.

Long Beach Update

As of 12:10 a.m. today, our work crews are continuing to make repairs and test the underground network systems, and will start transitioning customers off generators to the electrical network throughout the morning hours. We are in the process of reconnecting customers to the network who have been on generator power.

When this happens, these customers will experience a short power outage. As part of our restoration efforts, some customers have been experiencing longer than anticipated outages. The issue has been identified, and most affected customers are now back up on generator power. We are working to ensure they are connected back to the network properly and in a safe manner. We encourage customers in Long Beach to make every effort to conserve use of electricity as we continue to return the system to its full operational capacity.

The safety of the public and our crews remain our highest priority. We thank the city of Long Beach for its cooperation and for the safety efforts of first responders in the Long Beach Fire and Police departments. Get the latest update >

Energizing Your Customers & Visitors

Give Your Storefront a Charge

If you’re thinking about offering electric car charging to your customers, you’ll want to streamline installation and stay on budget. Learn more here and then call us—we offer tools and resources to help you manage your energy costs while providing the convenience of customer charging.

Equipment & Installation

Based on your business size and type, start by estimating the number of customers who will take advantage of your charging stations, and the length of time they will be charging. You’ll also want to decide whether to offer electric vehicle (EV) charging as a paid or complimentary service. These considerations will help you determine the stations and installation options that are right for you.

Things to Consider: Daytime Charging

Your customers may use your charging stations during the day when rates are higher, and this will have a greater impact on your bottom line. Call us; we can provide you a customized rate analysis and review Demand Response program requirements, so you can continue to meet them after you’ve installed electric car charging stations.