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Offering Your Tenants a New Amenity

Get Your Property Plugged In

Thinking about offering your residents or tenants electric car charging stations as a new amenity on your property? Start here to learn more; then, when you’re ready, call us—our energy advisors will share tools and resources to help you plug in.

Charging station

Equipment & Installation

Before you install, you’ll need to decide how many charging stations you’ll need, where to place them, and what kind of equipment to invest in. Placement near existing electrical infrastructure will simplify the installation and may reduce costs. You also have other unique considerations; for example, you may opt to install dedicated stations in assigned parking spaces, or offer communal charging stations for all residents as a shared benefit of your building. View our comparison chart for charging units and decide which best works for your residents or tenants.

Rate Options for Electric Car Charging

We offer special electric car rate plans that encourage charging during off-peak hours, when electricity demand and costs are lower. As a building owner, an HOA, or a property manager, you should learn how to manage your energy use and costs, and you may also be eligible for a commercial or residential rate plan. Before you start planning your charging stations, call your Account Rep or call us at 1-800-990-7788 for a personalized rate analysis to help you make the right choice for your charging stations.

Multifamily Housing

Decisions about electric car charging on a multifamily property involve two sets of decision-makers: you and your residents. Factors like applicable rate plans, cost responsibility, and parking allocation all come into play. Learn more about the tools and resources available to help you offer tenants safe, reliable, and efficient EV charging while minimizing your energy costs with our Multi-Unit Electric Vehicle Charging guide.

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