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Powering Up Your Company Vehicles

A New “Fuel” for Your Fleet

If your business is considering electric vehicles for fleet use, we’re here to support you. Call us to take advantage of tools and resources that can help you plan and manage your energy costs and provide safe, reliable, and efficient charging to keep your company vehicles running.

Charging stations

Fleet Conversion Analysis

Curious about costs associated with converting your fleet? Call your account rep or one of our Energy Advisors at 1-800-990-7788 to request a Fleet Conversion Analysis that will help you understand the cost of converting your current fleet or adding electric vehicles to your existing fleet. Your custom analysis may help you determine if electric vehicles can be a valuable addition to your business.

Charging stations in an empty parking lot

Equipment & Installation

Installing charging stations may require a significant investment in equipment and installation, especially if you have a large fleet. The number and type of charging stations you choose will depend upon how frequently and how quickly you’ll need to charge. You may, for example, want to develop a charging schedule if vehicles will share stations. Consider planning ahead for anticipated needs as you install and upgrade your infrastructure. Doing so may help you better accommodate updates and expansions down the road.

Close up of electric vehicle charging

Take Charge of Costs

Electric vehicle fleets are ideal for businesses that can do most of their charging during off-peak times, when electricity prices are lower. Call us to learn more about special rate plans for electric vehicles. If you’re enrolled in any Demand Response programs, your account representative can also review any requirements that may be affected by your new fleet—we can help you manage energy and avoid overcharging your bottom line.

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