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Partnering With Employees For Excellence

Our success depends on the quality, productivity and engagement of our employees -- our most important asset. Our company culture is characterized by five core values: integrity, excellence, respect, continuous improvement and teamwork. These attributes reflect our expectations for employee behavior. We work together to live our shared values, committing to put safety first, to conduct ourselves with integrity, to encourage collaboration, to cultivate a diverse, inclusive culture in which every employee is valued and respected, and to do the right thing for customers, investors, fellow employees, suppliers, and our communities.


Working In an Injury-Free Environment

Ensuring our employees return home to their families safely each day is our number one priority. It is matched by our dedication to ensuring public safety around our equipment and facilities. Our workforce is focused on excellence in every aspect of our business, including a strong commitment to safety. This reflects expectations the company established in our Safety Commitment Statement and by our goal of an injury-free workplace.

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Our Safety Commitment Statement

We are committed to strengthening our safety culture to achieve an injury-free workplace by creating and sustaining a work environment that values:

Having every employee leave the workplace unhurt;

  • Using work behaviors and practices that uncompromisingly protect the safety of everyone;
  • Caring for the safety of each other; and
  • Stopping work anytime unsafe conditions or behaviors are observed until the job can be completed safely.

Continuous commitment and dedication to these values by all of us will assure that the safest workplace is established and that the safest work behaviors are always used to prevent injuries.

Improving Our Work Environment

In December 2011, we experienced a terrible tragedy when three of our employees lost their lives, and two others were wounded in an office shooting incident at Southern California Edison. It was a sad and painful event, and we are committed to learning from this tragedy to build a healthy company culture and work environment for today and the future. Together we will learn, grow, and move forward to an improved work environment.

An independent organizational assessment of our workplace was initiated, and we have begun implementing a number of the recommendations, including:

Adopting a people-management training program for managers and supervisors;

  • Reviewing our performance appraisal process including reinforcement of our values; and
  • Implementing workplace-security training and enhanced security at our facilities.

Workforce Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that the heart of diversity and inclusion lies in respecting values and celebrating differences. Here at SCE, our workforce reflects the diversity of Southern California, and we express our commitment to workforce diversity and inclusion in a number of ways, including our mission.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to continually improve and become a better company by focusing on workforce representation and leveraging our individual differences. We measure our success by the progress we are making in employee development, recruitment and retention, our work environment, and community partnerships. Our employee communication and education efforts are designed to raise awareness and provide accountability for diversity and inclusion.

Our Workforce: Statistics

Our 13,600+ employees throughout Southern and Central California reflect the rich diversity of the 50,000-square-mile region where we provide electricity service to nearly 14 million Californians. A glimpse into our makeup in 2013:

  • 57 percent of our employees were minorities
  • 64 percent of new hires were minorities
  • 44 percent of our elected officers were minorities or women.

For more detail on our workforce diversity, see our breakdowns by job category and ethnicity.

Awards and Recognition

We are proud to have won numerous awards and recognition for our diversity efforts.

Promoting Diversity Awareness

Throughout our operations we encourage employees to get involved in Employee Resource Groups. These are employee-led, voluntary organizations that help promote cultural awareness through events, celebrations, and professional growth and development opportunities. Through these groups, our employees can express and share their pride in their cultures, traditions, ethnicities, or sexual and gender orientation.

Ethics at Work

Conducting ourselves with integrity is a core value and expectation at all levels of our company. Through education, communication, and awareness, our Ethics and Compliance Program works to create and maintain a workplace culture where doing the right thing and obeying the law are expected as the everyday course of action.

Our Employee Code of Conduct (PDF) defines our expectations of ethical behavior in specific workplace situations and helps our employees find additional guidance when needed to address questions and concerns.

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Ethics Culture

Our ethics culture starts at the top. Our leadership fully supports and champions ethics and compliance. We provide employees with resources such as our Code, policies and procedures, and training on various compliance topics. Our Ethics and Compliance Program fosters a sense of trust and open communication and helps employees handle ethical situations and maintain compliance in their roles.

Compliance Management

Our Ethics and Compliance Program promotes and enforces compliance with the laws and regulations that govern our industry and protect public interest. The program takes an integrated approach, partnering with employees to manage company compliance, share best practices, identify gaps, and make improvements.

Edison HelpLine

Our employees are encouraged to raise issues and report potential misconduct, and we give them options. In addition to discussing or resolving issues with a supervisor or manager, employees may confidentially and anonymously contact our Edison HelpLine to report wrongdoing or get advice about ethics and compliance issues.




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