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Reliable & Affordable Power for California

We’re committed to safely delivering reliable and affordable electricity to our customers, and we work hard every day to meet this responsibility. At the same time, we’re also dedicated to helping families, businesses, and industry conserve electricity and save on monthly bills. From state-of-the-art tools and technologies to monitor and manage usage, to programs and incentives that make it easier to save, we’re here to help Californians save.

Always Improving Power Reliability

To ensure dependable delivery of electricity, we continually focus our efforts on improvements that heighten service reliability. Power lines are affected by storms, trees, and equipment failures each year, and our infrastructure upgrades will improve our neighborhood distribution systems, along with technology advances that will help prevent and minimize outages.

In 2013, the average SCE customer experienced less than one sustained outage annually, and was without power for less than 1.6 hours, a fraction of the nearly 8,800 hours in a year. These statistics are tracked as the System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) and System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI). In the most recent Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers survey, which compares more than 100 utilities nationwide, SCE’s 2013 SAIFI performance was in the top quartile, and its SAIDI performance missed the top quartile by less than 2 minutes. We are committed to striving for even greater service reliability for everyone we serve.

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Upgrades to Our Electricity Infrastructure

We plan to invest in 2013 and 2014 about $8.2 billion to expand and upgrade our electric system infrastructure to improve reliability and meet the needs of growing communities. Most of the effort is aimed at improving our local distribution network of 700+ substations, 100,000+ miles of circuits, and 1.5 million poles.

These upgrades include replacing infrastructure equipment at the end of its expected lifespan, including poles, transformers, and underground cables. Upgrades also include adding new infrastructure, such as installing new underground cable, adding new distribution circuits, expanding the capacity of select substations, and adding new substations to meet the needs of our customers.

Advanced Technologies

Thanks to advanced technologies we are creating one of the nation’s most advanced electric systems, one that will be more resilient, efficient, and secure than ever.

Technologically enhanced, automated grid-monitoring systems help us identify and resolve potential problems early, before they lead to outages or damaged components. With smarter computer systems, we can more efficiently dispatch repair crews to restore service. We view smart technology as a key tool for heightening reliability, and it also enables us to more effectively and efficiently integrate power from renewable sources like solar and wind.

Everyone Wins By Saving Energy

We work closely with our customers to help them use electricity responsibly, and we’re constantly looking to identify new ways to help households and businesses manage their usage.

SCE is a national leader in partnering with customers to save energy and money. SCE offers a diverse portfolio of energy efficiency, demand response, customer-owned distributed generation and energy storage programs, that provide financial incentives, tools and resources to empower all of our customers to better manage their energy use.

During the past five years SCE has partnered with our customers to save nearly 7.6 billion kWh, enough energy to power over 1.1 million homes for a year. These savings reduce GHG emissions by 3.2 million metric tons, the equivalent of removing 684,000 cars from the road.

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Award-Winning Energy-Efficiency Programs

Our experience in energy efficiency spans more than 25 years, and we’ve earned awards and recognition on the national level for decades. In 2014 SCE was recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency with an ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence Award for our exemplary work in partnering with customers to save energy through energy efficiency. This award represents ENERGY STAR’s highest honor, and marks the 13th time SCE has received this national recognition.

Today, our 100+ energy-efficiency programs offer rebates or incentives customized to their key target segments: residential, small and medium commercial, large-business commercial, or agricultural.

Some examples:

Working Together to Meet Peaks in Demand

We are committed to providing reliable electricity every day of the year, even during unusual events like heat waves. When widespread A/C use pushes system demands to peak levels, we draw on the stand-by resources available through our demand-response programs.

These voluntary programs help us keep the power on for everyone, and offer households and businesses additional opportunities to save on monthly bills.

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Demand-Response Programs

With offerings designed to appeal to all segments — from households to large businesses — our portfolio of demand-response programs is among the nation’s largest. More than 20,000 businesses and 1.1 million households participate.

Our Save Power Days incentive, introduced this year, offers valuable bill credits in exchange for conserving energy at peak times on select, high-demand days. It’s available to any residential customer with an Edison SmartConnect® smart meter.

Meanwhile, the Summer Discount Plan has long offered monthly bill credits all summer long to participants. When you agree to participate, you pocket the savings even if summer passes without a single demand-response event.

Smarter Meters & Smarter Energy Choices

Smart meters provide new opportunities to monitor and manage monthly energy use. We’re completing implementation of 5 million Edison SmartConnect™ smart meters for households and small businesses. This year, we began rolling out new web-based tools to help California households and businesses understand how their electricity-usage habits affect their monthly bills — and make changes for more savings.

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Environmental Benefits

Energy savings made possible by smart meter technology is expected to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and smog-forming pollutants by more than 365,000 metric tons per year — the equivalent of removing 79,000 cars from the road yearly.

Tools & Automated Alerts

Our Budget Assistant tool is designed to eliminate surprises in monthly bills. It lets you set a monthly target, track your progress, and get automated alerts if usage exceeds your pre-set preferences.

Right to Choose

We believe in the benefits smart meters deliver, but we also support the individual right to choose. Any of our customers may opt out, in line with the California Public Utilities Commission approved opt-out program.

Help for Californians in Need

Many families are struggling financially, and from time to time, some assistance may be needed. We offer programs like the California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE), Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA), and the Energy Savings Assistance program (ESA) to help households with qualifying incomes. We work closely with community organizations throughout the region to raise awareness among eligible households.

Getting Ready for Electric Cars

Plug-in electric cars are here, and we’re helping our customers get ready. Refueling an electric car takes some advance preparation and we can help: customers may want charging equipment installed by their electrician, and permits may be required for electrical upgrade work. To help streamline the process, we’ve joined forces with auto makers, car dealershipselectrical contractors and installers, and 100+ cities throughout the territory we serve. To serve the new load, we're getting the grid ready and we are offering attractive rates for these customers who will charge off-peak.

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Ready, Set, Go

In 2011, 82% of those electric vehicle (EV) customers who contacted the utility for rate changes, and EV meter services, were ready to charge their car in less than 5 days. And thanks to the training we are providing, electricians are better prepared to install charging equipment and connect to Southern California Edison's electrical system. Now, preparing to power up a new electric car is faster than ever.

Decisions, Decisions

Buying a plug-in electric car is a big decision, and Californians want information and guidance from their local utility. We launched a new EV website to offer our customers answers, from understanding charging choices and options, to selecting cost-effective rate plans for fueling up at home.

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