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Calcite Substation Project

Delivering More Clean, Renewable Energy

We’re committed to more renewable power for California’s future, and the Calcite Substation Project in Lucerne Valley is designed to help. This project will connect new renewable generation projects in the San Bernardino County High Desert to the transmission grid.




Neighboring Communities

Lucerne Valley and San Bernardino County

Project Details

Southern California Edison Company (“SCE”) proposes to construct the Calcite Substation and associated facilities to interconnect the NextEra Energy Resources (“NEER”) 60 MW Ord Mountain Solar Project to SCE’s existing Lugo-Pisgah No. 1 220 kV Transmission Line. The following is a summary of the Calcite Substation Project major components:

  • Calcite Substation: Construct a 220 kV switchyard on approximately 7 acres along with approximately 6 acres for drainage, grading, and an access road.
  • Transmission Lines: Loop-in the Lugo-Pisgah No. 1 220 kV Transmission Line into Calcite Substation adding a total of approximately 5,000 feet of new transmission line (two lines of approximately 2,500 feet located side-by-side within a corridor approximately 2,500 feet long) creating the Calcite-Lugo and Calcite-Pisgah 220 kV Transmission Lines.
  • Generation Tie Line Connection: Connect the NEER-built generation tie line (“gen-tie”) into the Calcite Substation property. SCE will construct two structures and three spans, starting at the generator’s closest structure to the Calcite Substation property, to connect to the new position within the switchyard.
  • 500 kV Transmission Lines: The necessary crossing of the new 220 kV transmission loop-in lines under two existing SCE 500 kV lines would require two new 500 kV towers to be interset at mid-span of both the Eldorado-Lugo 500 kV Transmission Line and the Lugo-Mohave 500 kV Transmission Line. New lattice towers (types to be determined) would be built to accommodate the GO 95 Grade A crossing requirement.
  • Distribution Line for Calcite Substation Light and Power: Construct approximately 2,000 feet of 12 kV overhead distribution line and approximately 2,100 feet of underground distribution line (connecting the existing distribution system along Haynes Road to Calcite Substation) to provide temporary power for construction and permanent substation light and power.
  • Distribution line for Ord Mountain Solar Project (to be determined)
  • Telecommunication System: Calcite Substation facility would be connected to the existing telecommunications system, which would also need to be upgraded.


Work started again in February 2016 to support NextEra’s Ord Mountain 60 MW solar project and Aurora’s Sorrel 200 MW solar project.

Project Timeline

Calcite Substation's operating date would tentatively be August 2020..


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