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Banducci Substation Project

The Banducci Substation Project is needed to meet future electricity needs in the Cummings Valley area. The project will also provide the additional benefit of enhancing electrical system reliability and operational flexibility in this region.

Neighboring Communities

This project will serve the Cummings Valley area of Kern County and adjacent areas.

Project Details

New 66/12kV substation fed by two new looped substransmission lines. This substation requires approximately 32 miles of fiber optic for the protection, monitoring and control of sub-transmission and substation equipment


The Banducci substation project received all necessary Notices to Proceed. Construction in progress.

Project Timeline

  • November 2012: SCE submitted its project application
  • 2015: CPUC approved the project
  • Q3 2017: Construction began
  • Q2 2018: Construction is expected to complete

Contact Information

If you have questions about this project, please call 909-274-3813.

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