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What to Expect As We Work in Your Area

Did you know that our grid serves more than 14 million people across our 50,000 square-mile area? To improve power reliability for today and for many years to come, we're strengthening our electricity distribution grid. The multiyear, multibillion-dollar investment plan includes upgrades to make power more dependable, safer, and cleaner, along with new technologies that enable us to integrate more clean energy.

We understand that our improvement activities may be an inconvenience, and we thank you for your patience while we’re at work in your community.

What to Expect When Crews are at Work

You may have seen crews in your neighborhood lately. As part of our commitment to delivering reliable electric service today and well into the future, we’re upgrading and maintaining infrastructure. This includes electrical poles, wires, equipment, and underground facilities.

In some cases, heavy equipment such as cranes may be used, and there may be noise associated with construction activities.

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Tips: When Crews Need to Enter Your Property

Sometimes crews may need to enter your property to do the job. It may be inspecting, repairing, or replacing poles or other electrical equipment, or it could be trimming or removing trees or shrubs for everyone’s safety. We will attempt to notify you before entering your property.

Here are tips to keep in mind when crews need to work on your property:

  1. Secure your pets (for example, leave them indoors) for their safety
  2. Leave gates or fences unlocked

Street & Sidewalk Closures

In some situations, work may result in street lane closures, parking restrictions, and sidewalk closures. To ensure vehicle and pedestrian safety, our crews and contractors will use traffic control signs and crew members with flags.

Outages During Construction

We understand that maintenance outages are an inconvenience to you. To protect the safety of our crews, it may be necessary to temporarily turn off the power for repairs or upgrades. We take every precaution to reduce the inconvenience, such as by carefully isolating the outage to the smallest-possible area, and completing the work as quickly as we safely can.

If you have questions about maintenance outages, contact us at 1-800-611-1911, or download our SCE Outage app (for iPhone or Android).

For the latest information about outages, follow us on Twitter (@SCE) or view current outages on our outage map.

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How to Identify Our Authorized Crews

Occasionally, an SCE employee or contractor may come to your door regarding construction activities or to leave a door hanger or letter. Most, but not all, of our employees will be wearing uniforms with an employee identification card. Our authorized contractors will have at least one of the following items for identification: a badge, hard hat, uniform, and vehicle.

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Reliability Information at Your Fingertips

We track and monitor outages across our service territory, and measure our “system reliability” from this data.

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About Electric Magnetic Fields

Over the past 40+ years, we have supported, funded, and conducted EMF health and engineering research.

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Medical Life Support Equipment

In some medical situations, you may be eligible for additional baseline allocation or advance notification of upcoming rotating outages.

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Investing in Electric Infrastructure

We’re building a smarter grid to make power more dependable, safer, and cleaner.

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What’s in an Electric Pole?

You may be surprised at the complex role each distribution pole plays in the electric system.

Guide to a Distribution Pole (PDF) >

Video: Modernizing the Grid

Hear about our commitment to upgrade the grid from Southern California Edison President Pedro Pizarro.


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