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Corporate Philanthropy & Employee Giving

Through our online Community Grants program, we give up to $5,000 per year to organizations and programs dedicated to our priority giving areas. We look for opportunities that demonstrate a strong commitment to diversity and meeting the needs of underserved communities. We also sponsor select educational conferences, charitable events, and events focused on these priority areas.  

In 2012, we gave over $19 million to 1,330 nonprofits across central, coastal, and Southern California.  
See the 2012 Edison International Community Giving Report (pdf).

Learn how to apply for grants or sponsorship.

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How to Apply

We do not accept unsolicited grant requests outside of our Community Grants program. Learn more at our Grants Support Center.

About Our Giving

Our contributions are paid for by shareholders of our parent company, Edison International, and not by utility customers.

Four Priority Giving Areas

Education: Helping Young People Gain Power Through Knowledge & Skills

Education is an important source of power and advancement for young people, and it helps strengthen our communities. For many years we have focused on programs that help minority, low-income, and underrepresented students pursue studies in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Recognizing the clear connection between the arts and development of critical-thinking skills, we recently added arts education as an additional focus area.

Edison Scholars Endowment at CSULA

Through our $1 million Edison Scholars endowment at California State University, Los Angeles, students are awarded scholarship support for a full year’s tuition. The endowment gift created a stable base and support for CSULA Honors College students in perpetuity.

Ongoing Support for Education

Last year, we gave $10.8 million in philanthropic support for educational programs. Since 2009, we have given more than $34 million to education programs that help make the dream of college education a reality.

Environment: Responsibility, Sustainability, Conservation & Protection

We care about the people in our communities and the wellbeing of our environment.  As part of our everyday operations and in our philanthropy, we support habitat and wildlife protection, energy conservation, and cleaner energy.  In 2012, we gave $2.7 million to programs that promote and encourage environmental sustainability.

Public Safety and Preparedness: Planning for Natural Disasters

Here in Southern California, we are prone to earthquakes and other natural disasters. We believe safety comes first, and it’s always important to be prepared. To help the community be ready for any emergency, we joined forces with the American Red Cross to encourage everyone to Get a Kit, Make a Plan, and Be Informed.
Our employees are participating in preparedness education and training to play a role in recovery efforts following any large-scale natural disaster, and they’re raising funds to support disaster-relief efforts too. In 2012, our employees raised more than $140,000 in disaster-relief funds.

Civic Engagement: Engaging People & Communities

People and communities matter, and we’re committed to helping address unmet needs around us. In 2012, Edison International shareholders contributed $19.2 million, with 86% targeted to underserved communities with 69% of that benefitting diverse ethnic groups.
Supporting schools, colleges, and universities helps communities too. Last year, employees donated $1.2 million to these educational institutions, and we doubled the impact by matching their contributions dollar for dollar.

Our Impact on Local Communities

Over the past four years, we have provided $68 million in funding to positively affect the lives of people in the communities we serve.

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Our recent funding includes:

  • $51 million committed to strengthen underserved populations
  • $34.3 million to empower students, teachers, and communities through education
  • $16.6 million donated by our employees to revitalize schools and community-based organizations
  • $9.1 million to promote environmental responsibility in our communities
  • 4,500 computers donated to help bridge the technology gap in our communities

About Our Giving

Our contributions are paid for by shareholders of our parent company, Edison International, and not by utility customers.

Employee Giving

Through our annual campaign and other employee-led efforts, our employees support causes that benefit young, elderly, disabled, and low-income people in local communities.  In 2012, they raised more than $3.9 million in charitable contributions to benefit thousands of nonprofit partners; and also raised more than $140,000 for disaster relief efforts.

Employee Volunteering

Giving back also includes volunteering, and last year our employees and retirees gave 239,000+ hours to help build and unite the communities where they live and work. Our parent company, Edison International, recognizes their commitment to volunteering with incentives such as donations to the nonprofits of their choice.