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SCE GHG-Free Energy Allocation

SCE GHG - Free Energy Allocation Information

SCE Advice Letter 4194-E, dated April 17, 2020, sets forth a Proposal for an interim mechanism for voluntary allocations of Greenhouse Gas-Free (GHG-Free) Energy pursuant to the Term Sheet attached thereto (the “Proposal”). The mechanism will permit Clean Power Alliance (CPA) and other load serving entities (LSE) in SCE’s service area, including Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) and Electric Service Providers (ESPs) whose customers pay Cost Responsibility Surcharges (CRS), to elect to receive annual allocations of GHG-Free Energy from SCE’s procurement portfolio on an interim basis pending a final decision on portfolio optimization in Rulemaking (R.)17-06-026, the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment Order Instituting Rulemaking (the “PCIA OIR”). To ensure rapid implementation, the interim allocation intentionally differs from the proposal put forth in the PCIA OIR.

The California Public Utilities Commission authorized SCE to treat the Proposal as effective on April 17, 2020 for load serving entities (LSEs) that are government agencies. Thus, community choice aggregators (CCAs) and community aggregators (CAs) in SCE’s service area will be able to elect to participate in the 2020 allocation starting on 5/15/2020. SCE will provide CCAs and CAs notice and a thirty (30) calendar day enrollment and election window for the 2020 allocation starting on 5/15/2020.

For LSEs that are not government agencies (i.e., Electric Service Providers), the Proposal will be effective upon the Commission’s issuance of a Resolution approving Advice Letter 4194-E. Once the Commission approves the advice letter through a Resolution, SCE will provide ESPs in its service area with notice and a 30 calendar day period for enrollment and elections for the 2020 allocation.

Each calendar year of the interim allocation, SCE will provide LSEs notice and a 30 calendar day enrollment and election window for the subsequent year’s allocation.

The Term Sheet submitted with Advice Letter 4194-E will govern the interim allocations. As described in the Term Sheet, the products available for the interim GHG-Free Energy allocations are i) a nuclear pool of resources and (ii) a hydroelectric pool of resources. Eligible LSEs may elect one or both products. Allocation amounts per product are based on a participating LSE’s customers’ actual, vintaged annual load shares relative to the sum total of all other actual loads in each vintage year.

2020 Enrollment Schedule

Event Milestones
Open Enrollment Begins May 15, 2020
2020 Enrollment Webinar May 27, 2020
11:00am - 12:30pm PST
Open Enrollment Ends – Deadline to Enroll for 2020 Allocations Suspended Until Further Notice
SCE Notification to LSE of Enrollment & Availability of July – December 2020 Forecast of Generation Suspended Until Further Notice
Allocation Commences Suspended Until Further Notice


Enrollment for the 2020 GHG-Free Energy Allocation Has Been Suspended

To all government agency Load Serving Entities in SCE’s service area:

Regarding the SCE – Clean Power Alliance (CPA) Advice Letter 4194-E, submitted April 17, 2020, the Energy Division issued a Suspension Notice on June 1, 2020 advising SCE that it has suspended the Advice Letter for up to 120 days pending review. In its Suspension Notice, the Energy Division expressly revoked its earlier determination that the Advice Letter may be treated as effective upon filing for government agency LSEs under General Order 96-B, Rule 9.2.3, stating:

“Any authority previously asserted pursuant to General Order 96-B, General Rule 9.2.3 is expressly suspended. The Advice Letter presents potential novel legal questions.”

Accordingly, SCE is suspending the enrollment for government agency LSEs at this time. Advice Letter 4194-E is expected to be effective for all LSEs in SCE’s service area upon approval by the CPUC through a Resolution.

Please contact Tiffani Tubbs with any questions you may have.


2020 GHG-Free Energy Allocation Enrollment Webinar

SCE will host a GHG-Free Energy Allocation webinar conference call discuss the allocation process with participants. Following the webinar, a copy of the presentation and an audio recording will be posted on this site.

Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Joining the Conference Call:

  1. Dial the following number when the meeting starts:
  2. Participant passcode:

Joining the Presentation:

  1. Click the presentation link:
    Join Skype Meeting
  2. Select “Don’t Join Audio” as audio will come from the above Verizon call in information.

Find the presentation for the May 27th webinar linked below:
GHG-Free Energy Allocation Webinar Presentation


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