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Apply for Energy Solutions Incentives


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Whether you’re a small business applying for Express Solutions, or a bigger company interested in taking advantage of Customized Solutions or Automated Demand Response (Auto-DR) Technology Incentives, you’re in the right place. Our online application tool allows you to save your progress and track your project throughout the submission process. For other Demand Response programs, check each program’s description for applications or call us for help on getting started.

Demand Response Help Desk (866) 334-7827

Incentives 101
Ready to be reimbursed? Incentives can be paid directly in the form of a check or as a bill credit, or even designated to a 3rd-party recipient—the choice is yours. The amount of the incentive depends upon your calculated energy savings and reduction of energy use during periods of high demand. Want more detail? You can find specifics on Express Solutions, Customized Solutions, and Auto-DR incentives rates in our Solutions Directory.

Ways to Apply
If you’re ready to apply for Express, Customized, or Auto-DR Technology Incentives, you can get started with the online tool or download forms to send by mail. For Customized Solutions you can use the Customized Calculation Tool to calculate savings for your projects. If you’re installing solutions at multiple sites or participating in more than 5 solutions projects, you can use our Solutions Worksheet to complete your application.

What’s Next?
After you complete and submit your application, you’re well on your way to savings. Whether you’re participating in Express Solutions, Customized Solutions, or Auto-DR Technology Incentives, you can get an idea of what to expect next in the snapshots provided below.

See your progress.

Congratulations! You have taken the necessary first steps toward greater energy efficiency using Express Solutions. Just a few more steps to go!