Rate Analyzer Tool

07/08/2015 (Version 1.0)

Rate Analyzer Tool

Terms of Service

I, the undersigned, fully understand all of the provisions contained in the requested rate schedule and that any analysis done on the account is simply an estimate of costs and savings based on available information and that my actual bill may differ from this estimate.  I also understand that by changing my rate schedule, I may be prohibited from changing to another rate for a period of 12 months.  I further understand that service under an applicable rate schedule will become effective on the next scheduled meter read date following SCE's verification that the requested rate change is applicable.


This rate analysis is based on applicable Southern California Edison (SCE) rates and is provided to illustrate potential bill impacts to help you evaluate your current rate and/or compare alternative SCE rates or rate options.  While this rate analysis provides accurate rate calculations, it is based on certain assumptions for usage and applicable rate factors.

The results of this analysis are based on actual historical energy consumption and/or assumptions about future energy consumption patterns and amounts.

SCE can neither predict nor guarantee any actual cost savings or increases due to the changes to usage variables or applicable rate factors such as: operating hours, equipment, kVar charges, weather patterns, service voltage, firm service levels, taxes, and added facilities charges. Changes to these numerous variables will affect actual costs.

This rate analysis is intended to compare selected rate schedules and may not include all of your rate options.

Please contact SCE for more information about this analysis or your available rate options. If you have a SCE account representative, please contact your SCE account representative for more information about this analysis or your available rate options.