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SCE Grandfathered Rate Plans

Grandfathered Rate Plans

Sometimes, our rate plan offerings must change in order to keep up with evolving energy demands. This may mean that your current rate plan becomes closed to customer enrollment. If you are on a grandfathered rate plan, you can continue to stay on it for now. If you do switch to another rate plan, you won’t be able to re-enroll in a grandfathered rate plan.

Current Grandfathered Rate Plans


This grandfathered rate plan may be better for low and medium energy users (less than 700 kWh/month). It features rates that are offset by a monthly Baseline Credit.


This grandfathered rate plan may be better for high energy users (more than 700 kWh/month). It features lower peak rates, but a higher daily basic charge compared to TOU-D-A and no baseline credit.


This grandfathered rate plan combines Time-Of-Use and Tiered Rate pricing. Unlike other TOU plans, TOU-D-T features two tiers of pricing determined by your baseline allocation. 


This grandfathered rate is for customers who have electric vehicle charging stations with a dedicated meter.

Looking to switch to a different rate plan?

Our Rate Plan Comparison Tool can help you find out if another plan may be a better fit for your lifestyle.

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Grandfathered Rate Plans FAQ