Safety is important, and reviewing electrical safety tips with friends, neighbors and loved ones can help them stay safe.

Review the topics below for helpful safety tips:

Home and Office Safety Fact Sheet (PDF)
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Electricity can be dangerous. Coming into contact with electrical wires can cause serious injury or even death.

If a person or piece of equipment comes in contact with an energized power line, or if a power line has fallen to the ground:

  1. Do not approach or touch the line or any person or object in contact with it.
  2. Call 911. Inform the operator it's an electrical emergency.
  3. ALWAYS assume all wires are energized.

Power Line Safety Fact Sheet (PDF)


"Look up, look out and live" when working around overhead power lines.

If you make a living working near electrical infrastructure, please find your occupation from the list below for helpful safety tips:

Power Line Safety Fact Sheet (PDF)
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