Find Your Rotating Outage Group Number

What is a CAISO Rotating Outage?

CAISO rotating outages (Stage 3 CAISO Emergencies) become necessary when the state's electricity demand outpaces available supply in real time or are unavoidable. CAISO will typically order the state's investor-owned utilities, including SCE, to reduce electrical load by turning off service immediately. 

A rotating outage typically lasts one hour. We manage and rotate the outage across groups of customers throughout the service territory to protect the integrity of our electric system, while limiting the inconvenience to any one customer or community.

System Status: Normal

When the state's power reserves are at critically low levels, CAISO rotating outages are possible. Please read these FAQs to prepare for potential power outages. CAISO rotating outages typically last one hour. You may also look at CAISO's online system status report.

What to expect next: If a CAISO emergency is ordered, one or more groups below are likely to be shut off. A CAISO rotating outage typically lasts one hour. In the event SCE is directed to initiate rotating outages, it would begin with blocks A063, A064, A065, A066, A067,  and would continue with other blocks as directed by CAISO.


Below are customer groups who were recently impacted by CAISO rotating outage. The power has been restored to all groups. A CAISO rotating outage typically lasts one hour.


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