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Energy Supply & Management


SCE's Energy Supply and Management (ES&M) Department negotiates enabling agreements with trading partners active in the physical and financial natural gas markets. Diverse Business Enterprises (DBEs) are strongly encouraged to get enabled with SCE and participate in all of our natural gas procurement. Any supplier who meets the requirements outlined in General Order 156 can be certified as a DBE. DBE suppliers can sell physical natural gas to SCE through the NAESB base contract and the use of the Funds Transfer Agent Agreement for payment purposes. For further questions regarding DBE procurement or wholesale suppliers looking to work with DBEs please e-mail us at

The following are SCE's pro forma agreements used to enable counterparties to transact financial and physical natural gas deals with SCE (long-term and short-term deals):

Enabling Agreements

ISDA Documents
Enabling Agreements Descriptions
Schedule to ISDA Master Agreement (MS Word) The Schedule to the ISDA Master Agreement is SCE's pro forma document that includes additional provisions and modifications to the Master Agreement.
Paragraph 13 to the ISDA Credit Support Annex (MS Word) Paragraph 13 is SCE's pro forma document to modify the Credit Support Annex.
Part 7 Gas Annex to the ISDA Schedule (MS Word) (Part 6 of the Schedule – ISDA Power Annex can be found on the Standard Power Contracts webpage.) Part 7 is SCE's pro forma document to modify the base Gas Annex. This annex allows physical gas transactions under an existing ISDA.
NAESB Documents
Enabling Agreements Descriptions
Special Provisions to the NAESB Base Contract (MS Word) The special provisions are SCE's pro forma document to the NAESB Base Contract.
Credit Support Addendum to the NAESB Base Contract (MS Word) The Credit Support Addendum is an optional supplement to the NAESB Contract and sets the terms for credit and collateral obligations for long-term purchases. SCE’s credit modifications and requirements are included in this document.
Funds Transfer Agent Agreement (FTAA) (MS Word) The FTAA provides payment assurance for natural gas suppliers working with counterparty’s that are less financially qualified. This Agreement allows a third-party (typically a bank) to collect payment for all transactions into a designated bank account. The bank will then disperse the appropriate payments to both counterparties.
EEI Documents
Enabling Agreements Descriptions
Paragraph 4 to the EEI Gas Annex (MS Word)
(The EEI Coversheet to the EEI Master Agreement and EEI Paragraph 10 to the EEI Collateral Annex can be found on the Standard Power Contracts webpage.)
Paragraph 4 is SCE's provisions to the EEI Gas Annex. This annex allows physical gas transactions under an existing EEI.
Credit Documents
Enabling Agreements Descriptions
Form of Parental Guaranty (MS Word) The Form of Parental Guaranty ensures that another entity (the “Parent”) will cover payment obligations in case of default by the original entity (the “Subsidiary”). The Parent will ensure performance and assume financial responsibility in the case where the Subsidiary defaults under one of their existing contracts.
Letter of Credit (MS Word) The Letter of Credit is used by the counterparty to extend a line of credit to SCE via the counterparty's financial institution.

For any questions regarding natural gas business with SCE, including but not limited to the documents referenced on this webpage, please e-mail us at or contact the Manager of natural gas contracts at 626-302-8214.

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