Disadvantaged Communities (DAC) Green Tariff (DAC-GT) and Community Solar Green Tariff (CSGT) Request for Offers (RFO)

Regulatory Background

The new disadvantaged communities (DACs) programs are a result of AB 327 and intended to help improve access to renewable generation for residential customers within DACs.

On June 21, 2018, the Commission approved D.18-06-027, Alternate Decision Adopting Alternatives to Promote Solar Distributed Generation in DACs, D.18-10-007, dated October 11, 2018, a decision-making corrections and clarifications to D.18-06-027, and Resolution E-4999 (together, the “DAC Decisions”) which promote solar energy in the DAC-Community Solar Green Tariff (“DAC-CSGT”) and DAC-Green Tariff (“DAC-GT”) programs.

Summary of SCE’s DAC-GT and CSGT RFO Solicitation

SCE is soliciting energy from solar projects located in DACs (as specifically defined in the RFO instructions). Procurement for the DAC-GT and CSGT Programs will run simultaneously and be conducted through a competitive solicitation. Consistent with the DAC Resolution, each program will have separate capacity allocations and bid requirements. SCE will hold two RFOs each year until the program caps (DAC-GT 56.5MW and CSGT 14.63MW) have been met.

DAC-GT 2 and CSGT 2 RFO Timeline*

Event Date
SCE files Tier 2 Advice Letter on Fall 2020 DAC Solicitation Documents August 13, 2020
Date SCE will launch the DAC-GT RFO and CSGT RFO, in which SCE will post the RFO Instructions, Pro Forma Renewable PPA and other RFO documents on the DAC GT & CSGT website September 30, 2020
Date that SCE will host then DAC-GT RFO and CSGT RFO Offerors Conference DAC-GT RFO: October 8, 2020
at 10 AM PPT
CSGT RFO: October 8, 2020
at 11 AM PM PPT
RFO Response Deadline (Offerors upload to Website along with required documentation including information necessary to populate the DAC GT & CSGT PPA) November 10, 2020
at 12 PM PPT
Anticipated Date SCE will Notify Offerors of Selection Status January 20, 2021
Anticipated Date SCE Will Send Standard Contract for Execution to all Sellers March 10, 2021
Anticipated Deadline for Sellers to Submit Executed Standard Contract March 17, 2021
Anticipated Date SCE Will Submit PPAs for Contract Approval via Tier 2 Advice Letter April 19, 2021

*Note schedule is fluid and subject to change

Offerors intending to submit Offers, but do not yet have an existing PowerAdvocate® account, must first register to create a username/password with PowerAdvocate® to receive access to the event (event code 107549 for DAC-GT RFO and 107550 for CSGT RFO). Users without an existing PowerAdvocate® account may register and request access here for DAC-GT RFO and here for CSGT RFO.

Webinar Conference

SCE will host two (2) back-to-back Bidder’s Conference Call on Thursday October 8th, 2020, 10am – 1pm PPT to discuss varying procurement events. Below are the specified webinar timeslots and links to their associated webinars:

Connecting Community Sponsors with Developers

If you are interested in sponsoring a DAC-Community Solar Green Tariff project in your community but not sure how to find a developer, SCE can post your contact information here, helping connect developers with interested community sponsors. To post your information, email DACPrograms@sce.com.

Sponsor Fact Sheet

RFO Materials