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Net Energy Metering Equipment & Programs

Which System & Program Is Right for You?

Once you decide to install your own generating facility, you’ll need to select a system and apply for the right NEM program. We’ve provided options so you can make informed choices for your home or business. To start, you’ll need to choose which qualifying renewable energy system to install:

Selecting Your Program

Standard NEM will apply to the majority of residential customers. For non-residential customers, there are a number of options and considerations depending on different customer types. For example: Multifamily property owners can enroll in a program that distributes credits to individual tenants, or aggregate all onto one bill. If you’re not sure which option is right for you, your Account Representative can help you identify which program is the best fit for your facility.

Renewable Generation paired with Storage

The NEM paired storage program is designed for customers with an eligible generator that has an integrated or directly connected paired-energy storage device, like a battery, behind the same revenue meter.

Multiple Meters

The NEM aggregation program is available for customers with multiple meters on a property (or contiguous properties). You may be eligible to reduce the electric load of the aggregated meters using one generating system.

Once you are on NEM Aggregation, check out the Welcome Guide which provides details of how your bill will be calculated for the aggregated service accounts. 

Multi-Tenant Properties

Virtual Net Metering (VNM) allows energy produced by a renewable generating system to be credited to utility accounts for properties with both multiple meters and multiple tenants.

Alternatively, Virtual Net Metering (VNM) for the Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) program allows participants to apply credits from a single renewable generating system to multiple accounts at an eligible low-income building.

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Fuel Cell NEM

This program applies to customers with an eligible fuel cell system that complies with CPUC standards of emissions and greenhouse-gas reduction, and requires a Time-of-Use (TOU) rate.

Multiple Tariff

NEM Multiple Tariff (NEM-MT/NEM-MT-ST) allows customers to install a Generating Facility (GF) consisting of a) one or more NEM Eligible Generators served under Schedule NEM and one or more NEM Eligible Generators served under Schedules NEM-ST, BG-NEM and/or FC-NEM, or b) consisting of one or more NEM Eligible Generators served under Schedule NEM and one or more Non-NEM Eligible Generators.

For NEM-MT/NEM-MT-ST interconnection requests seeking to interconnect a non-NEM Eligible Generator behind the same SCE revenue meter / Point of Common Coupling as an existing NEM Eligible Generator, Application Form 14-732 online should be used in lieu of Application Form 14-957 online.

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