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Lookup Power Outage Status by Address


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Look Up Power Outage Status by Address

Enter your complete service address and select the address from the drop-down menu to see the current power status.

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There is a significant power outage in your area. Visit the Macro Outages page for more details.

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What is a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS)?

The threat of wildfires in California is real and growing. One of the ways SCE is reducing wildfire risks is Public Safety Power Shutoffs. During these events, we may need to proactively shut off power temporarily as a result of elevated weather conditions — such as strong winds, low humidity, and dry vegetation — that can cause a power line to fall and spark, possibly creating a wildfire. PSPS events are temporary and are meant to keep you and your community safe.

We intend to notify affected customers when we are monitoring an area for a potential power shut off approximately three days in advance.

If your power has been shut off, we will restore power as soon as the weather conditions permit, and crews have inspected the power lines to confirm it is safe to restore power.

What are Repair Outages?

Repair outages can happen for many different reasons, including:

  • Traffic accidents: Power lines can be damaged when cars crash into utility poles
  • High temperatures: Heavy use of air conditioning can overload power lines and transformers
  • Severe weather: Heavy rains or high winds can damage power lines
  • Natural disasters: Earthquakes and fires can damage power equipment and networks

During an outage, our crews work hard to restore power as quickly and safely as possible. Depending on the amount of damage, the time it takes to restore power may vary. We encourage you to make safety your top priority until our crews can locate and repair damage.

What are Maintenance Outages?

Our primary job is to keep your electricity on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To better serve you, we are constantly upgrading electrical equipment and modernizing the grid. To keep our crews safe, we may need to shut your power off temporarily while we make these upgrades.

Upgrading and modernizing the grid is part of our long-term plan to keep the grid reliable now and for the future. We understand that turning your power off is an inconvenience. We appreciate your patience and understanding.