Ways to Save with Time-of-Use Plans

Save More with Your Time-of-Use Plan

With a Time-Of-Use (TOU) plan, you can take advantage of lower rates during certain times or days. That means if you can follow a few easy guidelines, you can reduce your expenses, save energy, and even help the environment.

How do TOU plans work?
In a TOU plan, electricity prices go up during the times that demand for energy is the highest.

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3 Simple Steps to Increase Your Savings:


Step 1: Get on the Right Plan

Different households have different daily routines. That’s why the first thing you should do is pick a plan that offers the best value for your lifestyle. 

The Rate Plan Comparison Tool can help. It uses your past usage data to estimate your costs for other plans. 

Step 2: Shift Your Usage

If prices at the grocery store changed based on the time of day, you would probably go shopping when items are the cheapest. Think of a TOU plan the same way––by changing the times you run appliances and adjusting your heating/cooling system, you can enjoy lower rates.

• Discover easy energy savings and up to $150 in rebates when you buy a smart thermostat. 
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• Find out how much you can save by running appliances at times when prices are lower.
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• Sign up for texts alerts to get helpful reminders of your plan’s schedule every weekday. TOU Text Alerts >

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Step 3: Lower Your Total Usage

Using less energy always makes good sense, no matter what plan you have.

• From appliances to efficiency upgrades, discover ideas and guides to help you save energy in your household. 
Home Efficiency Guide  >

• Thinking about renovating? Get financial incentives to install energy upgrades in your home. 
Home Efficiency Upgrade Program  >

• Browse tips to help you lower your overall energy usage. 
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Other Ways To Save

Energy Advisor

Take a quick survey to get custom savings recommendations and find easy ways to make your home more efficient. 

Budget Assistant

This easy-to-use tool will track your usage and send you alerts via email, phone or text based on your monthly spending goals.

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Shop Energy-Saving Products

Looking for reviews, rebates, and the best deals on energy-efficient products and appliances?

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Need Help?

If you’re having trouble with your plan or experiencing difficulties meeting your obligations, we can help. Learn about our payment assistance options  or get in touch with us. 

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