Did the billing system updates affect my Net Energy Metering (NEM) account?

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Your NEM Account Will Be Minimally Impacted by Our Billing System Updates

As a Net Energy Metering customer, you will experience the same changes as other customers due to the new billing system, including being assigned a new account number. If you’re on a Time-of-Use (TOU) rate plan, one change you may notice is that viewing certain historical usage data for peak period hours on My Account has changed.

Previously, customers on a TOU rate plan could view their historical usage data, including TOU data for peak periods on their bill or on My Account. Your bill layout has not changed in our new billing system, but your historical data for peak periods is no longer viewable. Instead, you are only be able to view the total charge amount provided. Similar to our previous billing system, gross generation details will need to be obtained by calling your solar company or another data source, such as a mobile app.

Can I see how much solar is generated for each service account?

No, you cannot view solar generation data, as your meter can only show net generation details, if any. Gross generation must be obtained from your solar company or another data source, such as a mobile app.