How do I avoid being scammed?

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Don’t Be Deceived by Imposters & Phone Scams

Scammers typically target utility customers by posing as utility “collection” employees. As part of their scam, they threaten to disconnect your electricity service unless a payment is made immediately using a pre-paid cash card. Don’t fall victim to this scam!

Contact us if you have questions about your bill.

We will never:

  • Demand immediate payment over the phone to prevent service disconnection
  • Request payment by cash or pre-paid cash card, such as Reloadit®, Vanilla®, or iTunes®
  • Call a customer and ask for financial information over the phone
  • Recommend a non-affiliated or non-contracted solar company or third party

How do I know if someone who calls or visits me is from SCE?

Our employees always have their SCE Photo ID badge and our crews wear a company uniform. Our employee vehicles have permanent SCE logos on them. If someone calls and asks you to leave your residence at a specific time for a “utility-related” cause, call the police. This could be a burglary attempt set up by the caller.

Be suspicious of anyone who arrives at your house without an appointment asking to check your appliances or wiring, or who suggests that there may be some other electrical problem inside or outside your residence.

You can learn more about potential scams and how to identify SCE employees on our Privacy & Scams page.