How will SCE EnergyManager® be affected by billing system updates?

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SCE EnergyManager® Reports and Data Access Are Changing

SCE EnergyManager® and other services on are currently offline while we implement our new billing system. After our updates are completed, you’ll notice some changes to your SCE EnergyManager® experience.To track our progress,please visit the Help Center homepage and check the Live Status section.

4 Reports Will Be Available

The four most commonly used reports on SCE EnergyManager® that customers can access are:

  • Service Account Bill List: This PDF allows a customer to view and compare their total energy, cost, and usage data between one or more service accounts for a particular month against the same month from the previous year.
  • Usage and Demand Summary: This summary allows a customer to view customer account total kWh or kVarh, along with the maximum, minimum and average kW/kVar for a selected service account and for the specified time period. The graph allows the customer to identify the usage lows and highs across the selected time period.
  • Basic Usage: This report allows a customer to view customer account energy usage for the selected time period with a summary indicating the minimum, maximum, and average usage.
  • Consumption Usage: This report allows a customer to view customer account data in 15‐minute intervals (metered) for the selected time period. Data may only be viewed as metered.

Customers Will Now Have Access Without a Fee

SCE EnergyManager® users will no longer be able to view or access real-time (also known as same day) usage. If you currently pay for same-day usage service, the associated monthly fees for that service will automatically be discontinued, with no further action necessary on your part. All SCE EnergyManager® customers will now have the same access to view usage data the next day at no extra cost.

Limited Usage Data Will Be Available

Due to the nature of our billing system updates, SCE EnergyManager® will have limited usage data availability after the new system is in place. Data will not be immediately available after the transition. It is estimated that usage data for 2021 will be available around April 20, 2021, but this date is subject to change without notice. Data from prior years will be available in the following stages, although dates are subject to change:

  •   2020 usage data will be available by May 4, 2021
  •   2019 usage data will be available by May 18, 2021
  •   2018 usage data will be available by May 31, 2021