How do I pay my bill through my bank or a third party?

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Pay Through Your Bank

To set up payments for your SCE bill through your bank, you’ll need to choose or enroll SCE as a designated payee at your bank. Please visit your bank’s website to learn how to add SCE to your bill pay service. Signing up will incur no fees from SCE and payments usually reach us within 2 to 5 business days.

When you sign up, make sure to have your new SCE customer account number nearby when you enroll. Please note that your customer account number changed when we implemented our new billing system in April 2021. You can find your new customer account number on your bill on when you log into My Account on

Paying Through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) / ACH / EFT

If you can conduct Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and have access to a Value Added Network, you can receive—and pay—your billing information electronically. We accept ACH / EFT payments with payment remittance details. The payment and details must be sent through your bank using an EDI 820 remittance file formatted in CTX or CCD+. You must be a business customer to pay through this method.

To set up payments, contact our EDI Payments Group at and provide the following information:

•  Your 12 SCE Customer Account Number — Please note that your Customer Account Number has changed from 10 digits (2-XX-XXX-XXXX) to a new 12 digits (XXXXXXXXXXXX) beginning with a 4, 5, 6, or 7.)

•  Company name

•  Contact name

•  Contact phone number