Why do I have to link my account?

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We recently updated our billing system and as a  result, some SCE.com users have to re-link their Customer Accounts to access their account information and self-service tools.   
Before attempting to re-link your account, please make sure your first and last name as shown on your Identity page matches the customer name on your SCE bill. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, the account holder should contact an SCE Customer Support Representative at 1-800-409-2365 for assistance. The Customer Support Representative will confirm authorization to access the account information.   

Once we link your account, all of your account information will be synced together again. You can then, so you can view your energy usage, receive your bill online, and make payments.

We’re here to help.

An SCE Customer Support Representative can help you link your account. If you’ve followed the steps to confirm your name on your Identity page matches your name on your bill, but you’re still receiving an error message when you attempt to link your account online, please call us at 1-800-409-2365 for assistance.