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Go Green with an EV

Are you interested in owning an EV? Whether you choose pre-owned or new, we’re here to help you make informed decisions and we understand it’s a significant household purchase. Learn about getting started on the road to ownership, what’s involved along the way, and how to maximize your cost-saving benefits while going green with your EV.

Take advantage of our EV Buying Guide to help make the process smoother, easier, and learn how you can save.

A Few Questions to Help Guide Your Decision



EVs are all-electric and rely on rechargeable batteries. They have electric motors, and are charged through external electricity sources, such as standard wall plugs or dedicated wall chargers. They produce zero direct emissions.

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Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) combine their gasoline engines with electric motors. PHEV have rechargeable batteries, charged by external electricity sources and regenerative braking, which returns the energy created during braking back to their batteries.

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Charge Ready Approved Product List

Only SCE-approved charging station equipment will be covered by our programs. The Approved Product List (APL) provides a complete listing of charging equipment that’s eligible for installation.

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Charge Port Estimator

Our Charge Port Estimator tool aims to help users find a ballpark estimate of different charging port scenarios and costs. Exploring your options will help inform your budget.

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Embrace the EV Future

We offer a range of electric vehicle (EV) programs that help Southern California Edison customers seeking to install EV charging equipment, including light-duty vehicle fleet managers, business leaders, government agencies, and multi-family housing communities. EVs are a critical component of a thriving and carbon neutral society. Let’s lead the way together.

Transportation Electrification (TE) Advisory Services

TE Advisory Services help provide the education, awareness, and support for customers who are looking to become leaders in the EV community. Program participants also benefit from the continued assistance of our expert TE Advisory Services representatives.