What is SCE’s response to COVID-19?

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We’re Here to Help

We have implemented several temporary customer protections to support our customers impacted directly or indirectly by the COVID-19 pandemic through financial and other assistance.

Get Help Paying Your Bill and Deposits

If you’re having trouble with payments, we offer a number of options to help:

  • We’ve created new payment plans and suspended disconnections for residential and small business customers who were financially affected by COVID-19. Visit sce.com/billhelp or call an SCE Customer Service Representative at 1-800-655-4555 to learn more about opportunities, including payment arrangements and extensions.
  • We’re waiving deposit requirements and late fees for residential and small business customers.


Sign Up for Financial Assistance Programs

If you have recently experienced financial hardship, you may qualify for the following financial assistance programs:


We’re Providing Help During Outages

We’ve made adjustments to how we handle outages during COVID-19, including, when possible:

  • Scheduling critical outages overnight to minimize impact
  • Using backup generators
  • Sharing area-specific critical outage notifications through social media application Nextdoor
  • Providing ice coupons to prevent food spoilage

For more information about how we’re doing to help customers, visit our COVID-19 Response Page.