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Mountainview Generating Station

Serving Your Energy Needs

SCE is leading the way to a clean energy future. As part of our commitment to helping the state reduce greenhouse gases, we are integrating more and more renewables while helping to balance cost and reliability with the efficient traditional sources. For this reason, traditional power sources that can generate power on demand are still a critical source of electricity for customers.

The Mountainview Generating Station in Redlands, California, is one example of traditional generation that serves one of the fastest-growing areas in our 11-county service territory. The 1,050-megawatt facility provides enough juice to power more than 701,000 homes when renewable electricity sources from solar and wind are not available.

SCE re-acquired the plant in 2004 after it had been operated and closed by another company. It was upgraded with newer technology and began operating again in December 2005. Mountainview is a highly advanced gas turbine plant, with an ability to start up quickly (within 30 minutes), allowing the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) to back up renewable energy sources quickly when customers need power beyond what they can provide. The plant’s “combined-cycle” design allows it to operate more efficiently than other plants, providing more power from less fuel and providing lower-cost power for our customers.