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Your Bill

Energy bills reflect the costs of supplying energy to your home or business.

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Several factors contribute to your monthly bill: 

  1. Generation is the cost of buying energy from power sources where electricity is produced (generated). SCE and Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs)* purchase energy on behalf of their customers.  We pay the exact same price for energy as our customers do – there is no markup.
  2. Delivery is the cost of operating energy systems, along with construction, modernization, and overall upkeep of pipes, wires, substations, and additional equipment to deliver electricity.  Delivery also includes the cost of customer service, technicians, meters, and other equipment to operate the utility.  
  3. Public Purpose Programs are state-mandated and include helpful offerings like financial assistance for income-qualified customers and energy efficiency programs.  SCE does not profit from these programs.
  4. Taxes and Fees are taxes from California and your city, including the State Surcharge Tax, State Regulatory Fee, Franchise Fees, and other similar taxes and fees. SCE does not earn any profit from these charges.
  5. Other factors affect your monthly bill, including:
    • Your rate plan – we offer a variety of rates to fit different lifestyles.
    • Home energy efficiency – your monthly bill may be influenced by factors like using electrically-powered appliances and devices, and how well your home or business space is insulated.
    • Seasonal indoor heating and cooling – costs may increase during summer or winter months if you use electricity for your cooling or heating needs.

California Climate Credit

Wondering why you received a credit on your bill? The California Climate Credit is part of our state’s efforts to fight climate change. This credit comes from fees charged by the state to reduce carbon pollution and increase the use of cleaner forms of energy. The fees are then returned to customers as savings on their electric bills. Households will receive the credit twice a year, and eligible small businesses will receive it monthly. You can use these savings to further reduce your energy costs and help fight climate change.

* For community choice aggregation (CCA) customers, electricity generation charges come from your CCA who procures your energy. Delivery charges come from SCE which provides meter readings, billing, outage response, and call center services.