Getting Started With MASH

Applying for Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) Program is easy. Just follow this simple application steps to complete your application and secure your rebate. All forms mentioned below can be found on Go Solar California's MASH page.

Step 1: Energy Efficiency, First

The first step in applying for MASH is to make your building as energy efficient as possible. Energy efficient equipment can reduce your monthly bill and the size of the solar system. Additionally, it saves in up-front installation costs and maximizes the benefits of solar power.

An energy efficiency walk-through audit will meet MASH program requirements. This audit must consist of an onsite walk-through at ASHRAE Level 1 or higher, and completed within three-years of the initial MASH submission date. These audits are completed by third-party providers, and the host customer (business owner) is responsible for any associated costs. Energy Upgrade California website provides a list of contractors.

Step 2: Choose a Solar Contractor

A qualified solar contractor can recommend a Photovoltaic (PV) system to meet your energy needs and budget. Make sure to have the last 12-months of your business usage data available for your contractor. We recommend getting bids from at least three licensed contractors before making your selection. Contractors must have a valid A, B, C-10, or C-46 license. You can verify license status of each contractor by checking California Contractors State License Board.

Step 3: Submit an Application

You must complete the MASH Reservation Request form and Program Application to reserve your solar incentive. You, or your contractor, can submit the application to us using PowerClerk. Once we receive your completed application, a letter confirming your reserved funds is mailed. These funds will only be reserved for a specified period of time, during which you must: install your solar system, interconnect it to our power grid, and submit your incentive claim form (ICF). For more information on the forms referenced below, please go to the MASH application Help Matrix on the Go Solar California page.

  • MASH Reservation Request Form including Energy Efficiency Disclosure form
  • Document listing all tenant addresses on the property to serve as the Energy Savings Assistance (ESA) Program referral list. Please use this ESA Referral List (CSV file) as a template
  • Documentation of California Public Utilities Code 2852 eligibility
  • Cover Sheet for Public Utilities Code Section 2852 Documentation
  • Affidavit Ensuring 50% Tenant Economic Benefit
  • VNM Load Allocation Form Document (if offsetting tenant load)
  • Electrical System Sizing Documentation (new\expanded load) for systems greater than 5 kW
  • Application Fee (Systems 10 kW CEC-AC or greater)

Step 4: Proof of Project Milestone Claim

A list of required documents you must have ready:

  • Copy of executed contract for system purchase and installation
  • Copy of executed alternative System Ownership agreement (if System Owner is different than Host Customer)
  • Documentation of onsite walk-through EE Audit at ASHRAE Level 1 or higher within the past three years, or Proof of enrollment in a whole-building multifamily EE program
  • Documentation requesting Job Training Exemption (if applicable)
  • Documentation of VNM Load Allocation Form (if changed from RR step)

Step 5: Building and Utility Provider inspections

Typically, your solar contractor will schedule an appointment with your local building permit agency to have a certified building inspector approve the solar installation. In most cases your solar contractor will send the building inspector’s final approval to your utility company. After we’ve reviewed and approved your project, your new solar installation will be ready to connect to the electric grid.

To expedite this final step, you or your contractor should complete the interconnection application and submit it to SCE as early as possible. SCE will conduct a site inspection on all MASH projects based on this protocol.

Step 6: Collect Your Incentive

Once your new solar system passes local building inspection, and approved by us to interconnect to the grid, you or your contractor will need to submit a completed MASH Incentive Claim Form (ICF) prior to the Reservation Expiration Date for payment. The designated payee will receive a check from us for the rebate amount.  Don’t forget to apply for the appropriate tax credit (if applicable). Consult the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or your tax accountant for tax credit-related questions.

Incentive Form Package:

  • Completed Incentive Claim Form (ICF) with signatures. This form can be found on the ICF page in PowerClerk
  • Copy of PMRS Cost Cap Exemption Documentation (if applicable)
  • Job Training Affidavit
  • Proof of community outreach (if job training exemption was requested and approved at PPM step)
  • Documentation of Tenant/Common Load Allocation