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TLRR Licensing Projects

Project Overview

The five Transmission Line Rating Remediation (TLRR) projects described here will increase safety and reliability on numerous existing transmission and sub-transmission circuits owned by Southern California Edison and operated by the California Independent System operator (CAISO).

As shown on the map, project locations span much of the SCE service territory and each will involve remediation activities – from raising the height of existing structures to rebuilding entire circuits – to increase conductor ground clearances to meet current safety standards. When feasible, new structures will be located within existing SCE rights of way.

During the project, some customers may experience maintenance outages. SCE will communicate with affected customers in advance so they can make appropriate arrangements.

Overall Timeline

Each of the five projects has its own specific schedule, but the overall timeline is as follows:

  • 2019: CPUC Project Filing
  • 2021: Begin Construction
  • 2024-25: Complete Construction

Contact Information

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Project Details