Helping Your City Move Toward Sustainability With Energy Efficiency


Energy efficiency isn’t just for homes and businesses. It’s important for cities and counties too. We work closely with 100+local governments – maybe we’re already working with yours! -- to help them become leaders in energy efficiency throughout their own facilities and across their communities.

Helping Cities & Counties Lead By Example

Through our Energy Leader Partnerships, we help local governments lead by example when it comes to energy efficiency. From lighting to heating and cooling,we make it easier to go energy-efficient. Governments are not only saving energy but also improving energy-code compliance and designing energy policy to help their communities.To learn more, your city or county can contact us at

Collaborating for California’s Future

We’re working with cities and counties across the region to retrofit their facilities for energy efficiency – and providing valuable incentives to help. Managing energy usage and demand is an important component of achieving California’s vision for a cleaner energy future, as established in California’s Long Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan.

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Is Your City or County an Energy Partner Leader?

Look to see if your county or city is already working toward sustainability by participating in an Energy Leader Partnership.