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HEER Online Application

Section One

Customer Information

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Application Instructions

  1. Review and understand the HEER Rebate Information Sheet and product requirements prior to submitting your application.
  2. Find your monthly SCE bill, and obtain your Service Account Number. Your Service Account Number appears below your name and starts with a "3." Where can I find this?
  3. Be prepared to email, fax or mail your proof of purchase to SCE once your online application is completed.
  • Once you have reviewed the HEER Rebate Information Sheet and product requirements, enter your name AS IT APPEARS ON YOUR MONTHLY SCE BILL, including any commas or spaces. 
  • Enter your SCE Service Account Number from your monthly SCE bill.
  • Click on the "Verify Customer Information" Button.
  • Continue to Step 2 and fill in the information for the rebate you are requesting.
  • Once you complete the application process, email copies of your proof of purchase to EE.Processing.Center@sce.com.

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    Providing your e-mail address above will allow SCE to send you general information about products and services, or important information about saving energy, or saving money.
    Section Two

    Rebate Information

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    Provide the information requested for each product you have purchased and installed.  Click on “Select Your Product" and a list of qualifying products will appear.  Select the model purchased, then enter the quantity purchased (the rebate and total rebate amounts will automatically appear).  Select the date purchased and the date installed by clicking on the calendar icons provided.

    An on-site verification of the product(s) purchased and installed may be required before the rebate is paid.


    Max Rebate ($/Unit)

    Max Quantity

    Click here to Select Your Product
    One of the following options below must be selected in order to complete the processing of your application:
    One of the following options below must be selected in order to complete the processing of your application.


    Max Rebate ($/Unit)

    Max Quantity

    Click here to Select Your Product


    Max Rebate ($/Unit)

    Max Quantity

    Click here to Select Your Product


    Max Rebate ($/Unit)

    Max Quantity

    Click here to Select Your Product
    One of the following options below must be selected in order to complete the processing of your application:
    One of the following options below must be selected in order to complete the processing of your application.


    Max Rebate ($/Unit)

    Max Quantity

    Click here to Select Your Product

    Please select your property AND residence type below:

    Property Type

    Residence Type

    - If you choose this option, your rebate check will be mailed and paid out to the SCE Service Account Holder.
    - A Bill Credit can only be applied if the Customer of Record maintains an active service account for the Installation Address.

    If you would like your check to be mailed to someone other than the SCE Service Account Holder, please fill out and mail us the Mail In Application.

    How did you hear about this rebate?
    Section Three

    Terms and Conditions - Read and Agree

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    By submitting the 2018 Home Energy Efficiency Rebate (HEER) Program Application, I understand and agree to the following:

    1. To be eligible for the rebate, all product(s) must be (i) newly purchased, (ii) installed in a fully constructed dwelling in SCE’s service area with an active SCE service account at the time of installation (“Installation Address”), and (iii) designed to reduce consumption of energy distributed by SCE to the Installation Address. Additionally, products must meet the requirements specific to each type of product rebate listed in “Information on Rebates and Requirements” contained in this Rebate Application Package. All uses herein of the words “install”, “installation”, or similar phrases shall mean complete installation such that the subject products are fully functional.

    2. Qualifying product(s) must be purchased and installed between January 1 and December 31, 2018. The application and all other required documentation including all appropriate Proof(s) of Purchase, must be mailed to SCE’s Rebate Processing Center, received no later than January 31, 2019.

    3. Funds are limited. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The HEER Program may be modified or terminated without prior notice. In the event that rebate terms change, the order/purchase date will be used to determine product eligibility and the application received date (or the date the completed online application was received) will be used to determine rebate amount, if any.

    4. A complete application must be submitted for each Installation Address; however, one application may request more than one type of rebate for qualifying products installed at the Installation Address. Products cannot be installed at a P.O. Box address.

    5. Applications may be submitted online or by mail. If submitting application(s) online, the application will not be complete until all required supporting documentation including all appropriate Proof(s) of Purchase are downloaded to SCE’s website. Supporting documentation must be received within 30 days of submitting the online application. For applications for incentives for replacing a single speed pool pump with a Variable Speed Drive Pool Pump only, the applicant must also submit the Pool Pump Customer Participation Survey and Pool Pump Installation Report Form. Only the Customer of Record on the SCE account may submit an application online. Applications executed by any person other than the Customer of Record must be submitted by mail. If submitting application(s) by mail, each application must be signed by the person claiming the rebate. The application and all required documentation, including Proofs of Purchase, must be legible.

    6. Rebates may be requested in the form of a bill credit or a rebate check. SCE will issue a bill credit, if requested, only if the Customer of Record maintains an active service account for the Installation Address at the time the bill credit is issued. If a rebate check is requested, or if the application is submitted by the Owner of the Property, or if the Customer of Record has closed the service account for the Installation Address (for instance, if the Customer of Record has moved), SCE will issue a rebate check. The rebate check will be issued to the Customer of Record at the Installation Address, unless the application provides an alternative payee and payment address. Rebate checks and bill credits are generally issued six to eight weeks after SCE determines that an application is complete, and all requirements have been met, provided that there are sufficient rebate funds remaining.

    7. SCE reserves the right to select any Application for inspection/verification, and to reject any incomplete Applications. If an Application is selected for inspection/verification, additional time may be required before a rebate check is mailed or a bill credit is issued.

    8. If requested, I will allow (or, if I am not a current occupant at the Installation Address, I will arrange for the current occupant to allow) SCE and/or the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) representative(s) reasonable access to the Installation Address to verify installation of the qualifying product purchased, either before or after payment of a rebate. I understand that a rebate will not be paid if the occupant at the Installation Address refuses to participate in any required inspection/verification. I understand that if I (and/or the occupant of the Installation Address) refuse to participate in or fail any required inspection/verification after receiving a rebate, I may be required to repay to SCE the amount of any rebate received (or if a bill credit was issued, the credit may be reversed).

      The inspection/verification of installation must be scheduled within 30 days of customer contact by SCE. I understand that SCE may contact the qualifying product vendor and/or installer to verify purchase and/or installation and may provide my name and/or address to complete this inspection/verification.

    9. I have installed a qualifying product(s) and understand the energy-efficiency level of the qualifying product(s) determines the rebate amount. The rebate amount may not exceed the purchase price. I understand that I cannot receive a rebate for the same product from more than one California investor- owned utility or third-party energy efficiency program offering rebates, financing, or other incentives funded with CPUC Public Goods Charge funds.

    10. I agree that the selection of qualifying product(s), selection of manufacturer, dealer, supplier and/or installer, and purchase, installation and ownership/ maintenance of the qualifying product(s) referenced in this Application are my sole responsibility, and the manufacturer, dealer, supplier or installer of these products is not an agent or representative of SCE.

    11. I understand that SCE makes no representations regarding manufacturers, dealers, contractors, materials or workmanship. I also understand that SCE makes no warranty whether express or implied, including without limitation the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose, use, or application of the products.

    12. I agree that SCE has no liability whatsoever concerning (1) the quality, safety and/or installation of the products, including their fitness for any purpose, (2) the estimated energy savings of the products, (3) the workmanship of any third parties, (4) the installation or use of the products including, but not limited to, effects on indoor pollutants, or (5) any other matter with respect to the 2018 HEER Program. I waive any and all claims against SCE, its parent companies, directors, officers, employees, or agents, arising out of activities conducted by or on behalf of SCE in connection with my Application for any rebate(s) under the 2018 HEER Program. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, none of such parties shall be liable hereunder for any type of damages, whether direct, or indirect, incidental, consequential, exemplary, reliance, punitive or special damages, including damages for loss of use, regardless of the form of action, whether in contract, indemnity, warranty, strict liability or tort, including negligence of any kind.

    13. I am responsible for meeting all 2018 HEER Program requirements and complying with my state/county/city government ’s, and/or property owner and/ or homeowners association requirements (if any) in my area regarding permits, local conditions, restrictions, codes, ordinances, rules, and regulations concerning this installation.

    14. If a tenant, I am responsible for obtaining the property owner’s permission to install the product(s) for which I am applying for a rebate. My signature on this Application indicates I have obtained this “permission.”

    15. SCE is not responsible for items lost or destroyed in electronic transmission, the mail, or other transit.

    16. SCE utilizes the “Point-of-Sale” method of program delivery for selected products with participating retailers. Under this method, customers will receive applicable rebates instantly at the cash register. Such purchases are not eligible for a second rebate through this Application or the SCE Rebate Processing Center.

    17. All responses are kept confidential. However, SCE may disclose information from my response to the CPUC as required by the CPUC.

    18. I certify that the information in my rebate application is true and complete, and that the product(s) and/or equipment for which I am requesting a rebate have been installed and meet(s) the requirements in this application. I further certify that the installation has complied with any applicable permitting requirements and, if a contractor performed the installation, that the contractor holds the appropriate license for the work performed.

    Section Four

    Submit Rebate Application

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